Let's Partner

“With Christine, I knew I had a trusted resource to guide me into necessary leadership and life changes. Through her coaching, I had the guidance and accountability to create planning rhythms and manage my energy to significantly increase my leadership capacity.”
— Jeff Tanner, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Wayfare Labs

Leadership Coaching:

Non-profit leaders often struggle to build organizational structure including their funding and staffing strategies. They desire to have a workable plan for fundraising and organizational management instead of constantly feeling overwhelmed. I have been a founder and know the pain of trying to make payroll while doing the work in the community with little resources. 

Coaching goes beyond a few hours of training in a workshop to walk alongside leaders for several months as they develop and work a plan that gives them clarity and accountability to build a solid organizational structure.  This means that my clients benefit from a strong organization with processes in place that free the leader to concentrate on the work of their mission. 

Regular hourly sessions focus on the important, big picture tasks that can often be overwhelmed by urgent to dos.  You will walk away from each session with practical, clear next steps and a realistic timeline to accomplish your most important goals.

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Most churches and community organizations understand the importance of engaging their community and compassionately reaching out. The challenge can be knowing how to train and equip your team and congregation to effectively do this work. I love partnering to outline a training plan for your congregation. Trainings can include interactive workshops and seminars on asset based community development (ABCD) practices and organizational development including ABCD philosophy and practice, community listening, Cultural Intelligence (CQ), theology of community engagement, team building, and fundraising, among others.


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“Christine facilitated my organization’s second annual retreat, which brought together 70 people from about 20 different states. I was unsure how things would turn out, especially given our very diverse membership base. Christine and her colleague facilitated conversation after conversation that allowed each person at the retreat to feel safe, heard, and welcomed. The entire retreat flowed effortlessly, and we all had so much fun. I’m not sure how we will ever host a more fruitful retreat.”
— Christina Fialho - Co-Founder - Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement (CIVIC)

Outside Facilitation:

Some times you just need someone from the outside to lead a planning session, facilitate a hard discussion or help you strategize the flow of an event like a retreat. As a facilitator I free you up to be fully present and participate with your team. I'm equipped to facilitate consensus workshops around a specific question or issue, strategic planning sessions, and team building for multi-generational, multi-ethnic teams. 

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