Wanting What I Have- Thoughts on Gratitude

Lately I’ve felt like I have nothing to wear.  My clothes feel old and out-dated.  Each morning I wake up and dread looking at my closet, anticipating the chore of making an outfit, vowing to buy new things as soon as I can squeeze some cash from the budget. 

Normally I would swing by Ross in between appointments and find a few things for a few bucks in a few minutes but lately I’ve been paying attention to where and how my clothes are made and sourced.  This has, unfortunately, priced me out of most options besides thrift stores.

So I just hadn’t gotten around to getting anything new when a friend had a half off sale on some clothes she sells.  I bought one skirt for $18, came home and spent half an hour putting together outfits with my existing clothes and came out with 29 outfits, most of which I already had in my closet. I could wear an outfit every day without repeating for a month.  And I thought I needed new clothes. 

Now I’m no poster child for fashion but today, on this Thanksgiving week, I remembered again that I have everything I need.  It turns out, I had it all along, I just hadn’t taken time to look.  With the small investment of my lunch break, I rediscovered contentment. My heart was full of gratitude the rest of the day.  

I’m grateful that I didn’t have to go searching for what I needed.  I’m grateful for time to open my eyes.  I’m grateful that I didn’t spend time and money I don’t have to buy things I don’t need. I am grateful to live contentedly today. 

As you reflect on what you are grateful for this year, what are you longing for that you just might already have?  Let’s give thanks for that.