The Essential Thing I'll Teach My Son

Since my son’s birth I haven’t blogged. These last three months have been a sweet season of bonding with our firstborn, Samuel, and figuring out motherhood. Though I haven’t posted my writing, I have been doing a lot of reflecting and mentally honing my priorities in light of being a parent.  What are the most essential things I want my son to know and experience?

So far what I have landed on is I want him to deeply know and experience his belovedness.  He is beloved by the Creator of the universe.  He is loved by his parents. Our friends and family delight in him.  He is deeply loved. 

I believe that our understanding of being deeply loved sets us free to love others in secure and profound ways. And so tomorrow, along with 100 other people from around the country, I am taking my son out to his first solidarity action.  We will participate in the first day of El Camino del Inmigrante, an 11 day journey of solidarity with our immigrant neighbors walking from the San Diego/Tijuana border to Los Angeles.  

Our plan as a family is to participate in 2 days and to host walkers the night they stay in Costa Mesa. This is a priority for us as over the years we have more deeply understood God’s love for us and it has set us free to see the image of God in our neighbors, who in our case, happen to be undocumented immigrants.  

The purpose of the walk is to draw attention to the plight of immigrants in our country and the need for reform of a system that is outdated, broken, and not serving anyone well.  There will be 3 rallies along the way.  We will attend the one at The Crossing Church in Costa Mesa on Fri. Aug. 26 at 7pm.  I invite you to attend either to show your support for reform or to learn more about the need for reform and our call as Christ followers to welcome the stranger.

For our family, the “issue” of immigration is deeply personal.  It is not a political issue but rather a faith issue, one clearly addressed time and time again in the Bible’s mandate to care for the widow, orphan, and alien.  

Tomorrow as I push Sam in his stroller a short 8 miles (in comparison to an immigrant’s journey), I will hold in my heart friends and neighbors who have risked their lives for their children to know a better life.  I will reflect again on Jesus’ call to love our neighbors and will hope that my son soaks up a love for others on the journey.