Coaching Session
Give Away

What great idea have you been putting off implementing?  Who do you know leading a world-changing initiative who could use some encouragement?  Turning an idea into a reality can be a daunting task. It takes both encouragement and accountability. 

This week I’m giving away a one hour leadership coaching session.  As a non-profit founder and ministry leader I know how easily the urgent day to day tasks overshadow the important work of moving strategic goals forward.  Working with a leadership coach was crucial for me lifting up my head and staying focused on my top priorities. 

I’m offering to cheer you on and work with you to plan out key next actions whether it is to develop a personal routine that keeps you at your best or strategizing staff or board development, or another area you know needs attention.  Write your name and one sentence regarding an area in which you would like coaching in the comments below and you will be entered to win. 

Maybe you are in a good place right now and want to encourage another leader. You can send them the link to this opportunity or share it on their Facebook page. Let’s spur one another on!

A winner will be announced and contacted on Wed. 3/23

Yay for free stuff!  Yay for encouragement!  Yay for accountability!

*you can check out my qualifications and coaching certification here