Vote Local Final Post- Election Results

When it came down to election night I was so distracted by the national election that I didn't check in on all of the local measures.  If you forgot about them as soon as you punched your ballot or were not sure where to get the info,  I've compiled the Costa Mesa results for you below.

The big win of the election was a new city council majority for Costa Mesa.  Thanks to each of you who downloaded the Local Voters Guide and took my suggestions into consideration.  Here's how it all shook out:

Newport Mesa Unified School District:  My recommendations all lost, all of the incumbents won

District Area 1: Vicki Snell

District Area 3:  Martha Fluor

District Area 6: Dana Black

City Council: Two of my recommendations, Sandy Genis and John Stephens, were the top vote getters, Jay Humphrey lost to Allan Mansoor.  The two wins were enough to change the majority on the council and the incumbent mayor did not win back his seat.

  • John Stephens
  • Sandy Genis
  • Allan Mansoor

Costa Mesa Sanitary District Board:  both of my recommendations, the incumbents, won. Special thanks to my former teacher Art Perry for helping me understand the sanitation district for the Vote Local series. 

  • Art Perry
  • James Ferryman

Mesa Water District Board: James Fisler won, my recommendation lost.  

Measure V- Voted Down meaning there will not be 8 licensed medical marijuana businesses in the city

Measure W - Voted Down meaning there will not be 4 licensed medical marijuana businesses in the city

Measure X - Passed- Amends the Municipal Code to allow for medical marijuana distributing, manufacturing, processing, transporting businesses and research and development. All of these types of businesses would be limited to an area north of South Coast Dr. I voted no but I prefer this one over V and W. 

Measure Y - Passed- Requires the public’s approval on certain developments that amend or change the general plan or zoning code.  Several of my friends supported this measure however, I voted no because I believe it will deter developers from wanting to work in Costa Mesa.  I am not against development.  I am for creative development that will create affordable housing.  This does create accountability against the rapid development we have lived through in the past few years.

Measure Z - Passed  (but not as much support as Y) My understanding is that if both Y and Z measures passed, the one with the most votes would override. Measure Z was a reaction to Measure Y that amended the municipal code to add a development impact fee that would require some (a limited amount) new developments to pay toward recreational space.  

Measure AA - Passed meaning voter approval will be required before changes can be made at Fairview Park including athletic fields, playgrounds, parking lots etc. Woohoo!

Measure BB - Passed (but not as much support as AA) This was a reactionary measure in opposition to AA.  It prohibits the development of athletic fields at Fairview Park but doesn’t require voter approval for other things like trails, passive uses etc. I believe that if they both passed the one with the most votes would override the other.

Measure EE - Passed meaning the city will move to six voter districts with a city council member elected by each district and one at large mayor. For more details see the guest blog post by Keturah Kennedy-

Measure TT- Passed meaning a majority of the voting public favors a merge between the Sanitation and Mesa Water districts. Nothing was decided by this vote. It was just to get a sense of the public's support or opposition.

So there you have it.  Which of the topics on this list piques your interest? What's one step you can take to engage that topic in 2017? As I have mentioned before, let's engage our civic life beyond voting. If you get stumped, send me an email and we can strategize.

A first step is to join me next Tues. Dec. 13 at 5:45pm at City Hall for the swearing in of our new city council members. Let's end the year by showing our engagement with our city.