Vote Local Extra: Know Your Peeps and Props

The mailbox is filling up with all the proposition propaganda.  Who has time to form an about opinion about all of it?  My neighbor, Dixie, came to the rescue with the brilliant idea of "Know Your Peeps and Props"- a night with neighbors to teach each other about propositions.

We invited several of our neighbors and when we RSVPed we said which state proposition and which local proposition we would research. The idea is that we come ready to share what we learned with the group.  

As Dixie said, we cut way down on research time, get to make more informed choices in our voting AND connect with each other.  And of course, there will be snacks.

It's not too late to get some friends together.  We all have to wade through the info at some point, we might as well stick together.  Who could you get together with?