Vote Local- a series on city elections"/>

Vote Local- a series on city elections

Every election year on that special Tuesday at least 8 of my friends text me and ask who to vote for in the city council election. The tone of their texts indicates that they are either in line at the polls or already in the booth, eagerly waiting my response.

In an attempt to avoid these last minute texts and to promote more informed voting (not that I mind people voting how I tell them :) I'm launching the Vote Local blog series.  Between now and election day we'll look at who governs us (city council, school board, water and sanitation districts, etc.), what kinds of decisions they make, and how that effects our daily lives.

This series is less about who to vote for (although I really, really, really want to tell you) and more about exploring together how we can make great choices for our cities. 

One of the best compliments I ever got was being called Leslie Knope, the obsessive lead character played by Amy Poehler on the comedy series Parks and Recreation. Leslie is obsessed with her hometown, Pawnhee, believes in the democratic process, and can't figure out why everyone else doesn't care about it as much as she does. I get that.

I feel this way about Costa Mesa.

So if you feel that way about your city or just want some insights into local politics, check back in each Tuesday between now and November 8 (yes, that's election day) or subscribe to the blog on the home page to follow the series.