Hi, I’m Christine Nolf. 

I live in Costa Mesa, California, the best city in the world, located on a plateau above the Pacific Ocean.  I was raised here. Went to schools here. Got married here. Go to church here. Do my shopping here. Ride my bike here. Raise my son here. 

While I have spent a lot of time here in Costa Mesa, I am intrigued by the world and love to explore new places. Here has shaped a lot of what I think about there. Here I have bonded with neighbors who shape how I understand global forces of migration. Here I serve with organizations impacting out there. I carry here with me when I explore out there.

I am married to Moses and we have a baby, Sam. My career has been in community development both locally and in Latin America. Right now I work for ENLACE connecting US churches to our work in El Salvador and Nepal. When I’m not connecting globally, I’m connecting locally with my neighbors and friends. Writing helps me to process connections and experiences.

This blog is a place to process how here and there collide in my neighborhood, friendships, home, work, and life. Here I share my view on the world from Costa Mesa, a view from the mesa.

I’d love to know more about you.  Maybe there are some ways we could partner together. Use the form below to connect. I look forward to hearing about your part of the world.


Christine Nolf

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